Tuesday, February 7, 2017

The Ring Counter

I can consider today as one of the most fruitful days spent in the last one year and half, which is more or less the amount of time that passed since my last business trip in Sweden. Beside being intensively busy with my colleagues in an interesting (and endless) workshop in Sophia Antipolis, somewhere on the hillside of Antibes, I managed to do two things that I couldn't imagine till last Sunday afternoon, when I was waiting for the flight in the hall of Graz airport: a quick visit, a blitz to a photography exhibition in the old village of Mougins and a walk on the seaside, along the walls and the alleys of the old town of Antibes.

It's been like having enjoyed a 25 hours day. At some point the counter stopped and I got lost into this time frame from where I would have never wanted to get out again. My senses have rejuvenated. This afternoon I've been able to taste again with the eyes extraordinary pieces of photography from André Villers. This evening I've been able to taste again the smell of salt and fishes at the sound of the crashing waves. It doesn't happen so often anymore. Not really.

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marco eugenio said...

Mi fa piacere, sono esperienze che ripagano di tanta fatica