Sunday, August 2, 2015

Trabucchi - I

I'm going to post several pictures of these old, romantic fishing installations that is possible to find along the rocky coast of the Adriatic sea. They are called "trabucchi", a name that is connected to the catapult engine that allows quick pulling of the net (a "trabucco" is also a medieval assault machine looking like a catapult).
Most of these Aleppo's pinewood buildings are no longer used for professional fishing, some of them have been converted into minimal restaurants, few others are only used in winter. They are patrolled by seagulls that stand on the antennae that cross the seafront. They look so robust but the steel wires that tie them to the ground are there to witness the attempt of the man to fight against the power of the sea.

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marco eugenio said...

un magnifico soggetto per una serie - semplice architettura e storia del lavoro umano, della sua integrazione con la natura - un patrimonio da conservare, anche visivamente, attraverso questa tua indagine - cari saluti