Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pillars on the shore

I just began to process the roll of pictures I've taken two weeks ago. There's a subtle pleasure in doing this job as it allows me to see the subject of my takes from a different perspective. It might sound weird but after walking around, in search for the perfect shot, the moment of post-processing is the first big opportunity that we have to consciously and thoroughly observe our photographs. We don't have all that time when we shoot: we have to trust in our instinct. Point and shoot. And I always ask myself if I took all the pictures I wanted, in the way I wanted.

When I'm home and the photo processing tool is ready, then another question always comes in and stands behind the door: did I really want to take this picture?

(Needless to say, these pictures were NOT taken with my mobile)

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marco eugenio said...

belle immagini
E' un po' come nella fotografia analogica
Il momento della meditazione sul proprio lavoro avviene durante la fase dello sviluppo e stampa
buona domenica