Saturday, June 27, 2015

An interesting toy

The new smartphone provided by my company is definitely a step ahead of the one I had before. Lots, millions of pixels; plenty of semi-automatic filtering opportunities and the ability to send anywhere a picture just made. Which is something that's puzzling me a bit. The trade off is between information and technique, message and quality, time and space. I'm swinging from one side to the other of this debate. Most certainly the right answer is, as usual, in between. This is probably why I haven't taken a decision yet. 

I'm about to leave for a business trip to Goteborg. I was thinking to bring with me all my gears, thus to make profit of this almost unique opportunity and capture the midnight light over the horizon. All the pictures I took exactly one year ago on the "archipelago" stretching outside the Gota river's mouth were stolen with my PC in July 2014. It's time to bury the dead corpse that's been tormenting me in the last year. Walking the same steps I made one year ago will certainly benefit.

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