Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Advices for free

Last Saturday I took my son to a small village on the hills around Varese to let him play a tournament with his volley team. This has been my main engagement for almost every weekend this year. Now, you should know I'm not the kind of parent who's able to stand all the time at the playground fence, from the initial warm up to the shower time. Before and after the game I use to make a walk around, if only to see something of the new place, reaching a local bar and taking a coffee.

So I took a walk up hill, as I wanted to reach the main square of this village, which name I won't tell you, after seeing an interesting bell tower coming out of the roofs. It took me a while before understanding which way to go. The village turned out to be a real maze, with a unique access point and a tree of many alleys, all ending up in the middle of a typical Lombardy's court-house. After a couple of turning back, I reached what only a fanciful mind could define a square. Anyhow, the space before the church was actually the largest clearing within the village boundaries.

To my surprise the church was open. Someone inside was setting up floor and benches before the evening Mass and in a lateral niche of the ancient walls I spotted a lady, whose age I could not be able to define, whispering at the priest in the confessional corner. I could not hear a single word but, in my quick understanding, it must have been a serious affair. Instead on kneeling o the side bench the lady was standing face to face with him and instead of sitting behind the grid the priest had put his head out of the door and talked with many gestures at her.

Notwithstanding I stood there a couple of minutes looking at them, none of the two seemed to be aware of my presence and this gave to me the courage to pull my mobile out of the pocket and take a single picture on them before leaving the church. Going down, back to the playground, I could not avoid thinking about the role of these people and the huge responsibility they undertake. I'm not a believer but there are time when I wish I had someone to openly talk with, before taking a though decision.

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