Sunday, May 18, 2014

Flowers to be

Few more days and the picture will be complete. Spots of colors will embroider my balcony again. Many little buddies are ready to bloom. In some extent it's some kind of revenge that Mother Nature is taking against me.
Beginning of this year, perhaps some time before, I nearly thought to give up the idea of growing plants on my balcony. I had fell in a state of mind where the little effort I could dedicate to my hobbies seemed almost useless. There were so many things that I couldn't follow as I wanted while I had too keep myself focused on work activities: so much that I barely could find the time to stay home.
So on a Sunday I decided to prune everything possible and leave the pots to their destiny, without protecting them as usual in the small glass-house. Ice and snow were allowed to do the rest of the job.
Facts are that we have had the warmest winter in the last fifteen years, with abundant rains and all my plant survived without my cares. Therefore, now that I have again some time to spend for them I can only celebrate the revenge that's going to happen.
I'll post the flower to be in colors. It's their right!

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