Tuesday, May 6, 2014


I haven't written a single word on this pages for a while. I realise now it's been almost a month. Several happenings and impediments have prevented me from doing it. Above all, as it usually happens, an excessive workload. Once again, I've been distracted by a huge and extenuating activity, carried on in the gloomy and hazy atmosphere of a lab, that ended just before this year's long Italian Easter break. After that, I haven't opened my laptop until this morning, when I entered the walls of my open space.
It's been a meantime of travels, parental visits, endless lunches, long walks in the narrow streets of some Etruscan towns, aimless wandering through monumental gardens, archeological sites and museums.

I've got now plenty of pictures waiting to be downloaded, selected and processed. I'll have to balance my spare time between my family, cycling (the Giro is about to start) and photographs. No problems: looks like I'm going to have much more time in the coming months. I'll write about this in the coming days.

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