Friday, October 5, 2012

There and back again

I proposed myself not to wait too much before writing a second photo-book, after my first experience. I thought one year before putting the hands back to a page-maker tool would have been necessary, after all. As a matter of fact, if I started now with good pace I would not be able to have a printed copy in my hands before two or three months, that is two years after I received Klippan. Considering how easy is editing a book today, two years are a quite a long time. I could have carried on this work before, of course. To my justification I can mention having spent a lot of time abroad, which also gave me the opportunity to widen the number of samples I'll be able to consider into my next effort.

Now I feel it's about time to move on. I have made a good hard-disks clean up and tiding up work in the last three weekends that will allow me to move on a unique database of picture and select my preferred without wasting time and memory. It's a matter of IT  self-hygiene: something our parents couldn't figure out with they shoes-boxes filled up with negatives. So, what remains now it the hard task: taking a final decision about a theme to get stick to, devising a good editorial strategy, selecting and organizing the content, processing the still virgin pictures and so on.

I thought a good theme could, again, be based on my travels. The latest cost reduction programs that telecom companies like mine are waging to safely pass through these years of crisis are strongly affecting the old habits to travel and meet whenever possible. In their help the latest technology offers good reasons to minimize expensive travels. From my point of view, unfortunately, this is starting to limit my presence out of office and thus my chances to explore new grounds and meet new faces. On the other hand this is driving me to critically review my recent work and start with the second photo-book of my life.

I thought it could be entitled "There and back again", just like Tolkien's bestseller. Being a personal work, I don't think anyone will blame me for using it. In the end it's going to be the visual chronicle of seven years spent travelling abroad, to North. Yes, of course! "To North and back again", this could be another good option.