Friday, October 12, 2012

Backnang, Summer 2008

Thinking back to what I spoke about with my friend Ulf, when I was in Stockholm three weeks ago, I decided to walk around this idle time of mine by looking into the pictures I took in recent years. So I took the hard-disk where I keep my old photograph safely (?) stored, this evening and blindly, without thinking, I pointed at one year and, once there, to one of many subfolders. By chance I picked up a couple of rolls shot when I was in Backnang, few kms away from Stuttgart, in Summer 2008.
Looking at them I wonder now how could happen that I didn't find the time to process none of all the pictures I took in that (photographically speaking) lucky and happy period of my life. I can just write it was after all a nice place to stay in the best time of the year with enough time at my disposal and very little colleagues' interference. For such I should not be so surprised having found a real mine of great stuff to work upon now on.

A look from the bridge

A look from my bed