Thursday, April 12, 2012


I'll be back in Kista next week, after a couple of years since I last visited Stockholm. I had already been there several times, in the years before but recently my job has led me somewhere else. I still remember as it was yesterday a rainy end of October in year 2008. In a couple of weeks 591 blog was planned to be opened and I had committed with Ulf to take some pictures about the ghost station of Kymlinge, few steps away from Kista. So I got out quickly during a lunch break and made my rush into the wood.

The result of my long walk was put down under form of a report and published on the very first day of 591 life. Later, I turned it into a PDF photobook, which has been reachable so far through one my website pages.

Now, as I've recently discovered that is possible to turn PDF into flippable on-line document, I've made a trial. How ... easy it is! Part of the result is given below: unfortunately only the first pages can be leafed from here. The whole book can be seen entering its Flipsnack page.

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