Thursday, March 29, 2012

Stockholm, here I am.

I've been in Stockholm last time in April 2010, in the same days when the Icelandic vulcan erupted, stopping all flights accross this side of the world. I was so unlucky, at the time, as I managed to jump on one of the last airplanes that left from Arlanda before the airport was closed. One hour more and I would necessarily had spent a week more in the northern Venice, before getting back to Milan. My wife will certainly have a different opinion.
I can't say exactly why (though it's easy to figure out) I've been missing this town so much that I was planning a trip on my own. With some kind of luck, instead, I managed to enroll to an exhibition in Kista and, defeating all the management reluctancy coming fromthe latest cost reduction campaign that my company has waged, I got the invitation to make a presentation of the work I'm carrying on in Milan. So ... well, now I have my flights and hotel booked. I just need to put down some slides and get ready to meet some old friends there.
There are twenty days to go. I'm crossing my fingers.

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