Thursday, March 29, 2012

Four slides before uncertainty

One day the currently running 591 Spring Exhibition will finish and all the selected pictures will be archived. I'm trying to make a little dream come true by asking all the participants to grant me the rights to feature their pictures into a light free document that I'd like to edit to celebrate this event. We could consider it some kind of exhibition catalogue. If possible it should have a resolution good enough to allow a sufficiently high print quality.
I was aiming to this one year ago with last edition of the Spring Exhibition. For some reasons, lack of my time above all, everything fell in the shadow and nothing came to light. Let's see whether this year's event will be a little bit more lucky.

Before I redirect my attention to something else, I'd like to present the four slides I prepared to introduce each of the four exhibition topics. I think I've done better artworks before. Yet, these have a special meaning to me, as I hardly will make some again. My license of the most known picture editing tool is about to expire and the installation will be removed. Again I'll fall in the land of uncertainty. I tried to use a good alternative, Gimp, in the past time but it wasn't exactly the same.
I need to think about this and quickly find a solution.

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