Monday, February 26, 2018

Veni, Vidi, Picti

Eventually we managed to find the time (and the courage) to arrange a short trip to Venice. We waited for the school winter break for the Austrian national skiing week and headed south to Italy under a heavy snowfall, wishing to find a better weather. Unfortunately we realized too late that we had chosen one of the coldest, windiest and most rainy days of the year. Taking pictures in such conditions is not easy at all: especially when you have to keep a tight schedule and run quickly from one corner of the town to another, dribbling hosts of tourists, jumping pools, fighting with the umbrellas and taking care of the family demands.

After long travelling, Venice has been the first place that made me feel like a cheap tours modern globe trotter: veni, vidi, picti. In the end, I have thrown in the wastebasket more than half of the pictures I took. These are some survival postcards.

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