Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Survivors - I

I'm looking into the "photographic" material that I produced last summer in Croatia, wishing to find few pictures good enough for publishing. The folder counts more or less nine hundreds pictures: which is about thirty rolls of the old film cameras, two rolls per day. An impressive rate, I'd say. Lots of doubles, or triplets with different settings or exposition. I would have run into trouble if I hadn't had a wireless connection through which storing them on my piece of cloud. I wonder how many pictures I would have taken if I had to pay fro the rolls, the film development and the prints. Four?

Now, looking at the crop, I'm not able to declare myself disappointed: I decided deliberately to leave my reflex at home and spend those two weeks with only my mobile at reach. I thought it would and been easier to me to move around an unexplored land and express myself in a place with plenty of unknown opportunities. And I also thought it wouldn't have been worst than my last point-and-shoot. Still, after sitting at the post-processing tool, the result is very bad, unmanageable, sometimes unrecoverable and I can't blame anyone else but me. These pictures are good for a mobile, for Instagram look-like-and-go-by approach, not for memory.

Donji Humac (Croatia)

(Made with my mobile)

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