Sunday, September 10, 2017


I'm back to Graz, after two weeks spent on the Croatian coastline, with plenty of images on my mobile: some of which I already posted almost "live" on my Instagram page (there must be a link  to it somewhere on the right column of this page).
This summer I had to take an important decision: whether taking with me the whole DSLR gears or relying on my currently best point-and-shoot device, the mobile phone camera. So, just few minutes before leaving my apartment (some of which spent sitting on my bed with the bulky package in my hands), I opted for the second option. And I have to admit I'm not completely disappointed. I could have certainly taken better pictures but the result are not that bad and the easiness of having a good crop at your reach any time has paid back all the initial regrets.

(Made and sent from my Mobile)

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