Saturday, April 8, 2017

Feeling shipwrecked

It's been a nice sunny day, here in Graz. So much that few hours after sunset, some of the kids living around are still playing in the common playground between the large white buildings of the viertel of Eggenberg district where we came to live. I can hear them counting out-loud: it must be the Austrian variant of hide and seek (the Italian Nascondino).
Notwithstanding the nice weather, instead of running out with my bike I've spent all the afternoon on this PC, trying to install a web development platform that should help me making a quantum leap toward a brand new website. The site has not been maintained for the last two years. Too many things to be done. Now, pictures, presentations and rendering of the website look a bit passee, outdated. If I want to keep paying not in vain those few euros for the hosting services, then I need to refurbish it a little. That's why I started from the container.
To my disappointment, after a moment of pure euphoria, when I managed to complete the installation, I faced the first blocking issues and broke my nose in front of the usability of this platform. And it hurts so much that I feel like a broken boat, stranded on a beach.
I'm seriously thinking to write again the code of my website on my own. But tomorrow I'll go surely cycling. I'll take some pictures of the blooming countryside around the Mur river. The web can wait.

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marco eugenio said...

Un bel modo di raccontare una piccola storia, una bella immagine metaforica
Buona domenica e biciclettata