Saturday, June 25, 2016

And What Now, Europa?

As I went out of my residence main door, todayI picked up a new copy of the local newspapers from the stack that I found every morning on the hall table. I'm getting used to read few sentences, titles and captions at least, while I walk to the parking lot to take my car and get to work. A homeopathic training: few words per day. You never know, my German could improve a bit.

So I got the picture of the happy "prime" couple coming out of the polling station and made all my best to understand what had happened in UK the day before. I was actually wishing a new last-minute miracle could have taken place during the night. Just like the one occurred two weeks before here in Austria. And I actually mistook the message and went to office relieved.

I discovered only after lunch, when an English colleague came to say "Hallo" on his way back to Cambridge, that I really understood what had happened.

I don't know what to think. The Old Continent is putting so many question marks on its future, that mine would be totally insignificant. Still, I have my list of open and unresolved action points to take care.