Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What is left

I'm spending the last days of my professional experience in Milan. This is my last week in Vimodrone, where I landed in a hot and humid June 2000 to start a new life with my wife, and I strive to think if I'll ever come back here again, once I'll be out of office next Friday.
Never say never. No one can tell what will happen to me and my family in the coming years. Only one fact is sure: in a few weeks I'll be working abroad, no longer as a business traveler but as a real expatriate. "Man gewöhnt sich daran!", You get used to it! This is what I've been silently repeating to myself in the last weeks.

When I first came here I told to my interviewer that I was going to stay at least for a couple of "seasons". As a matter of fact, I settled and stayed here for sixteen years and I grew up a family. I've dedicated all my freshest and best energies to the company and the people I'm about to salute.
I have no regrets. If I turn back and look at what I'm leaving, everything looks like an old "Cascina" still functioning and full of life when I arrived and left falling apart among the multitude of industrial buildings that covered the countryside in the meantime.

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marco eugenio said...

Un caloroso augurio per il grande coraggioso passo che stai per fare insieme alla tua famiglia.
Cambierà lo scenario della tua vita .... e della tua fotografia!