Monday, December 28, 2015

Via di Pomata

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Up until a century ago there where two ways to get to the town of Tivoli, coming from Rome. One way was passing the old citadel walls walking along the ancient roman road Tiburtina (which means "leading to Tibur", i.e. Tivoli), the second was entering the south gate after climbing the hill across a true forest of olive trees, along what today is called Via di Pomata.
This narrow county road takes down to the valley below, where the Adrian Emperor's Villa is standing, dribbling through remains of ancient roman villas and pillars of the bridges of the aqueducts that used to bring water from the mountains behind Tivoli to Rome. It was the natural set of past centuries' painters (mainly Grand Touring water-colorists) and poets. Today it's the perfect place where to spend a nice hour, walking or running soaked by sunlight, safe from the blanket of mist and smog that's covering the Italian capital in these days. A place that I never miss to visit every time I go back to my youth's hometown.

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