Friday, September 11, 2015

Summer's End

Every year, I use to take a long walk before dawn on the last day of our vacations. The luggage is packed, the car is loaded, the sheets of our beds are folded and stacked up on the table, the fridge is empty and the night has been very short. Kids have been playing with their ephemeral Summer friends till late in the evening; we've been talking with their parents about our lives and marvelling how their daily issues that they face are surprisingly the same than ours, notwithstanding the long distance and the different life styles that divide us.
And then, once the lights are off a long train of thoughts comes in and steals some more time to your sleep. And you wonder, hypnotized by the rolling wings of the ventilator hanging on the ceiling.
So, at some point of your sleep an unexpected sense of irreversibility takes shape and makes you slip off your bed and silently put on your sandals ad walk away.

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