Friday, January 30, 2015

Waiting for the ferry

A daily trip to Laveno, on the west east coast of Lago Maggiore. Be it by train, motorbike or car, a stop in the small harbour on the longest lake of Italy and a visit to the islands Borromee by these old fashioned ferry is a recommended alternative to the most frequented Como Lake, once you are in Lombardy. If it happens to be on a windy and sunny day soon after a snow blizzard then you can't ask for more. The sight on the Alps (Monte Rosa) is breathtaking.


marco eugenio said...

Belle foto e bellissime le Borromee.
Solo una precisazione geografica da pignolino: Laveno è sulla costa lombarda, quella orientale del lago.
Un caro saluto

Tiberio Fanti said...

Ho scritto "west"???
Grazie. ;-)