Tuesday, November 18, 2014

A look through the glass

On my way back to Milan, last week, I had to my surprise an almost unique opportunity to lay alone, for the whole night, in a compartment of the sleeping coach of the train coming from Vienna. The coach controller must have felt some pity for me, when he saw me jumping on the train and, instead of cramming me with three more people of uncertain origin, offered me an empty compartment, saying: "Lock the door from inside and have a good sleep. What do you prefer for breakfast: coffee or tea?"

Sleeping on a train is not that easy. You are shaken all the time, loud noises surround you, people pass by your room while talking out loud. There's nothing that lets you deeply surrender to the natural instinct to rest and detach from the world. After spending the whole night turning around myself on a hard "bed", I eventually opened the blinds and discovered that my train had been somehow "hijacked", due to the bad weather conditions that caused more than a riven to overflow and break the levees.
It didn't take me a lot to understand that it had been switched on an old single line railway, crossing the flatland of Pianura Padana. So, while waiting for my tea to be served, I took my cellcam out and started taking pictures of the landscape passing by.

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