Thursday, October 2, 2014

Black & White

Today, October 1st 2014, represents an important milestone of my life. After nearly 16 years spent working for Ericsson AB, my first big employer, I have moved under the wings of another company that just acquired the Research & Development site to whom I belong.
I've been asked how does it feel. Actually, it makes a strange effect entering into your offices, sitting at your desk and feeling that it won't be the same anymore. It made an even stranger effect having a new badge, with the same picture depicting yourself ten years ago and a new collar with different colors and brand.
Now the big questions are all about what is there ahead of us and what will it be of myself. New rules, new ways of working, new processes, new contacts and customers, of course and ... who knows. It won't be neither black nor white.
It's a matter of being patient, waiting and seeing. I've been repeating this sentence to myself since the transition announcement was given. And this is the most challenging part of the story.
There will be a time of strong decisions, long nights spent with the eyes wide open in the dark, dreams, great expectations, whispers and long terms plans between me and my spouse. It will be up to us, to stand up and ask for our part and, at last, acting according to the plot we have chosen to play. Whatever the hue of grey it will look like, we will turn it into black or white again.


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marco eugenio said...

caro Tiberio, mi fa piacere risentirti e sperare con te che il peggio sia passato, che nuove prospettivi ti si aprano davanti.