Friday, December 6, 2013

Bandidos! - II

Sometimes at lunch the Bandidos, in the endless minutes of wait before pizzas are served, are used to talk about the coming dates of their long lasting tour, the next "delivery" committed to the production team, the many arrangements (AKA customizations) of their latest studio recording, sessions plans, deadlines, the crew and the band perspective, issues still open and any other reported trouble. The most debated topics are always around things to be fixed before going to stage, fine tunings, new tools and instruments to adopt, rehearsal sessions and demos: sound perfection is in their mission. The customers (their fans) don't tolerate bad quality!

Later on, once the beers have gone down and the pizzas are still far to come, someone raises the bar of the discussion and talks about the "way out", his personal long term projects. Bands, with some exceptions, are doomes to eventually split up: they always dis-aggregate to set up new and better ones.

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