Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Back to Tivoli

I haven't had much time to walk around the town, when I went back to Tivoli for the Easter break, last week. Time was really short and I had to cope with several "institutional obligations", notwithstanding my will.
In a moment of general distraction, though, before some kind of a storm fell over my family shoulders (I'll write about this later on), I took the only chance to escape and spendta a short hour wandering along the stones of the old town: in the heart of the citadel.
I'm taking samples of the old, raw, real and true Tivoli one bit after the other: walking when possible through alleys that I never walked before and looking for something that i still havn't understood what it is. The maze is still partially uncovered. I suppose it will take many more raids to get the whole picture in. 

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marco eugenio said...

è davvero un mondo da riscoprire