Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Forgotten arms

The long Summer season we have had this year is about to pass the rudder control to the incoming Autumn. The air is still warm and inviting to walk outside or riding on a bike, here in Milan and there are no evident signs of change. Yet, days are becoming to shorter and shorter and subtle need for lethargy is spreading among us. I'm welcoming Saturday afternoons spent at home, kneading for a pizza or an apple-pie. I have to buy up time with my kids and wife. I can't say where I'm going to spend my next weeks and months. For sure in a distant place, much colder that here. This inevitably takes me back to the last winter season spent up there, in Scandinavia.

I took this picture in Oslo, last winter, walking along the harbour banks of the most expensive districts in all Europe. Someone had thrown these gloves out on the thick layer of ice grown in the water alleys of Aker Brygge. I fancied someone had fallen under before the ice hurdened and was no longer in need for his gloves. Funny.

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