Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Two years gone

591 Photography Blog Anniversary

I remember as it was yesterday this same day two years ago: I was in Stockholm, closed into a tiny hotel room in Kungsholmen, with heavy rain tapping on the window panes. I had sent my first contribution to Ulf some hours before and he was ready to unveil his long planned project. Just like me there were some other aficionados from all over the world waiting to look at how the very first edition of this new photography blog would have looked like.

This evening, after two years spent travelling up and down in norther Europe countries I'm part of this project. Yet, I'm not completely satisfied of the way I've been working so far, of my meagre participation. My job drains all my strengths: I leave to photography just crumbs. Nevertheless, I don't give up and keep on at my current pace, wishing for better times.

Some months ago, under Ulf's guide, we decided to set up a commemorative exhibition. Each of us was asked to select nine unpublished pictures and send them for the collection that now has been just unveiled under the 591 space.

I'm in Karlstad now, in the middle of Varmland region in central Sweden. Outside snow is falling down. The lake banks are freezing, I can't listen anymore to the trains passing by and I'm tucked again into my hotel room.

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