Friday, June 18, 2010

On the run

On being present in asbence

I've spent most of last month travelling abroad, distant far from my home and my office walls. In nearly the same way, now that the first half is gone, also the current month won't be that different. Packing and unpacking luggage, changing power adaptors and bed from day to day has slowly become part of my life.
I'm close as much as I can to my family on Saturdays and Sundays: just the time for refuelling each other, going around for shopping and planning the approaching holidays. I rely on my colleague to pour some water to my office vegetation as well as I rely on my wife for my shirts being perfectly ironed and looking starched.

There are moments when I try to figure out what is the current perception that those who live beside me have of me. I'm feeling like an absent presence.

On the run (Oslo)
Tiberio Fanti, (C) 2010

Thinking to this a Pink Floyd track rolls on and on in my mind, in an endless way, as if that music had been recorded on a mobius strip.

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