Saturday, March 13, 2010


Yet another photobook.

Time left at my disposal has dramatically shrunk lately. I'm no longer able to work into my digital darkroom at night as more and more often I'm doing something else at those late hours: working. It's nearly a couple of years that I keep telling myself this is just a phase that's going to finish and soon I'll have plenty of time to do whatever I want and give way to my latest intentions and projects. Needless to write how the end of this tunnel is still far to be seen.

Yet, in the last couple of weeks, I have found time (and will) enough to gather a set of nearly fifty photographs taken around the banks of Göta älv (yö'tä ĕlv`), the river passing through Goteborg, develop them in my preferred way (i.e. with the duotone Black and White process I've already described here some time ago) and put the result in Booksmart, the application SW downloaded from that allows me to edit by myself any kind of book.
Following this stage, I will order a print for myself and leave the book in my Blurb bookstore, in case someone else was so brave to spend some money for it.

It will take some more time before the complete work is done. Writing words is much more difficult and time consuming than simply choosing photographs and ordering them.
For the time being, I think I can anticipate the front cover, as I'm pretty sure I won't change it in the future. It shows the bridge (Älvsborgsbron) passing close to the historic Klippan district where I use to walk late in the evening, when I'm in Goteborg, provided that the atlantic weather allows me to do it.

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