Sunday, March 26, 2006

That's me!

Few days ago, on a typical milanese misty morning, opening my private mailbox, I found an message from a Italian photographer, subscriber of Black & White Photography Magazine.
Piero has written me his congratulations for the website, having visited these pages for the first time, after reading about it on the authoritative British magazine.

Without waiting a while I started looking for a copy of the magazine all around Milan and found it two days after. Without rushing into the pages there at the newsstand, I jumped into the underground and, after a short leafing, I could see my name and some of my photographs reproduced on the "web-watch" section under the title; "Website of the month".

Just couldn't believe my eyes. I forgot getting off the underground at my final destination and went on till the end of the line: I must have been dreaming with open eyes.

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