I started the PhotoBooks Series soon after opening my website, in summer 2004. In the beginning, my intention was to use these "portable" electronic books as an archive where to store those pictures belonging to albums no longer on display. Hopefully, the initiative would have been an attempt to better schedule and make order to my empirical and disorganized approach to photography. I would have written some lines to introduce the topic and better explained my experience in relation to it.
Beside that primary ambition, I can't deny that I thought this would have helped me on doing a small step toward the unveiled dream of all photographers: having a personal photobook printed one day. I can't say if I succeeded on my early intentions. Editing a photo book turned out to be much more demanding than shooting and post-processing altogether.

In the meantime things have changed quite a lot and quickly. Everyone is now able to edit his own photobook and have it printed on demand by one of the many web printing services available. I undertook this road as many others and in February 2011 loaded my first printable on demand photobook: Klippan.

My intention was to have something durable in the hands that allowed me to go beyond the ephemeral way of "consuming" - or swallowing with the eyes, if I'm allowed - photography today. The result was very promising and I soon started thinking to the next one. Notwithstanding this personal achievement, I did not give up the idea to make free, light and quickly downloadable PDF versions of my PhotoBooks available. I'll try to link here electronic versions of my paper books as well.

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